30 Day Credit Account Facility

Credit Account Policy 

         Killarney Co-operative Limited offers 30-day credit accounts to approved shareholders.

          Payments of all 30-day accounts are due within 30 days of the end of month of invoice. 

          Payment is accepted in cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card or direct bank transfer.  It is also possible to pay by credit card over the telephone.

          If payment is not made by the due date interest is automatically charged at the rate of 1% on the total outstanding balance.  Interest cannot be reversed and once charged must be paid.  Interest due and not paid within 90 days will have credit facilities withdrawn.

          Killarney Co-operative Limited work in association with Ringrose Credit Control.  Accounts which are outstanding are passed into the hands of our agent for collection.

          Credit facilities will be withdrawn on overdue accounts once they reach 90 days.  E.g. Account due to be paid by 30-06-09 will be closed if not paid by 31-08-09.

          Once credit facilities are withdrawn, even though the account subsequently gets paid, the account will remain closed until application is made and accepted by the board of directors.  Board meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month.

          Either party may terminate the credit arrangement without prior notice, with payment for the outstanding account due immediately.

         For an account application to be successful the application must be made on the official credit application as attached and approved at the following monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.  Until the account has been approved at a board meeting the account is not active, and no goods are to be charged to the account.